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Chickie is a professional dancer and dance instructor, specializes in Girls Hip Hop and Urban. She completed Project Dance Studio Training Vol.1 in 2012 and also travelled to Japan to receive further dance trainings from EN Dance Studio, Studio Swag and NOA Dance Studio between 2015 and 2016.

Chickie has fruitful dance performance experience ranging from music videos, variety shows to TV programmes, including but not limited to A Stage For You and Me in 2010, Mira Hotel Halloween in 2011 and IVE Mass Dance 2013, she also appeared in Adidas Women 2013 All In For My Girls TV commercial, HKTV’s programmes, Sony Xperia Promotion event and has collaborated with different local artists such as Fiona Sit and Det Dik.

Apart from her dance performances, she was also invited to choreograph for different tertiary institutes’ dance shows, such as City Mini A Performance 2015-2016 (Urban team), Intra-Varsity Dance Competition 2016 for Ling Nam University, IVE Mass Dance, Ling Nam University Annual Performance 2016 Opening, Nexus Dance Studio Special Showcase and Hong Kong University Joint Hall Mass Dance 2017.

Chickie participated various competitions over the years and won numerous awards, including Championship (Macau and Hong Kong region) of Red Hot The Queen and 1st Runner up of Red Hot The Queen (Asia region) in 2012.

Chickie started teaching dance from 2012 in different dance schools, youth services organizations including Stepstage, Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE), Jocky Club Youth Services Centres. Currently, she is a dance instructor at Studiodanz, Nexus Dance Studio and Bedrex Dance Studio.


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