TongSum started to learn Hip Hop in 2009, since then her main focus has been in the style of Hip Hop, but strives to integrate different dance styles. She has been to Taiwan, Japan, Europe and other places for further training, exchanges and competitions, and has also achieved exceptional results in overseas competitions including Singapore – The Ladies Call vol.6 Female Hip Hop 1 on 1 Champion.

From 2021 to 2022, TongSum participated in the training of the second edition of Beyond Dance Theater. During the process, she performed in the production of “Remnants”, “The Wind of Empty”, and the performance of “Temple Faith”. Other past performances include “The Box 2.0 – More Human”.

Currently a freelance dancer, TongSum is active in local Street Dance activities, jury and teaching work. At the same time, she also serves as a choreographer for different local tertiary institutions.


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