Kenny is a choreographer and dancer in Contemporary Dance, and the founding leader and artistic director of the dance group Common Ground. He graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (majoring in Chinese dance with a minor in Choreography) and obtained a Master’s degree in Contemporary Dance performance from Taipei National University of Arts. During his time in Taiwan, Kenny joined the Meimage Dance and PaperWindmill Theatre as a full-time dancer.

His creative endeavors thrive in experimental interdisciplinary performance, aiming to explore the possibilities of the body and performance. Notable works include “The Battle” in collaboration with West Kowloon Cultural District in 2020, a three-year research project on street dance culture culminating in a theatrical production. In 2021, he organized the exhibition-theater “Body Codes II: Performscape”, receiving a nomination for Outstanding Small Venue Dance Production at the Hong Kong Dance Awards. In 2024, his new work “Imagined Altar” integrates ethnic dance and exhibition elements.

In addition to his individual works, Kenny has contributed to numerous local and international art groups and artists’ works, incorporating dance into theater, multimedia, and music performances, and has brought his performances to different countries.


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