Doug Lee is a professional dancer with extensive experience both as a judge and a competitor in various international dance competitions. As a judge, Doug has served numerous prestigious events in Hong Kong and overseas, he has assessed a wide array of dance battles, including Locking, Funk style, Hip Hop, and Popping competitions. His keen understanding of dance techniques has made him a sought-after master in the dance community.

In addition to his role as a judge, Doug has also achieved remarkable success as a competitor. His list of awards includes multiple championship titles, such as the 2012 Switzerland “Nothing but Flavor” Locking battle, the 2011 Korea “Feel the Funk” Locking 2 on 2 battle, and the 2010 Taiwan “So Funky Game” Locking battle. His strong ability on the dance floor is further highlighted by his victories in the “Hong Kong Best Dance Crew” Hip Hop style, where he not only won the championship but also earned the prestigious Best Choreography Award.

Doug’s achievements extend beyond championship titles, as he has consistently showcased his talent and dedication and strives to inspire the next generation of young dancers with his passion for dance and strong commitment to excellence.


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