Ching Chun


PC is currently a full-time dance teacher and choreographer with over 10 years of dancing experience. He has conducted dance workshops and sharing choreographies across different locations.

With a passion for competition and performance, he has actively participated in major local and international events such as the Arena Dance Competition and the Hong Kong Best Dance Crew. Additionally, he has worked for many renowned artists on various performances.

As the founder of Ragnarok Dance Crew, PC has been actively creating and discovering the endless possibilities in dancing, searching for breakthroughs and surpassing limits. Notably, he has contributed to Terry Tsang’s MoNgaanTai-Juk and starred in the micro movies “Asura” and “Cicada.”

Beyond physical movement, he views dance as a form of expression closely intertwined with acting. Through diverse performance platforms, he aims to further develop artistic connections and cultivate meaningful interactions.


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