(Li Wing Chung)


Currently an instructor at SDZ, Lamelon is the first male Waacker in Hong Kong and is a member of local dance crew IHOW HK. Lamelon always show strong emotions and remarkable charisma. Inspired by his dance partner, Virago Carmen, he embarked on his journey into Waacking in 2007.
Actively participating in Waacking competitions and battles, Lamelon seized the opportunity in 2013 to receive professional Waacking training in South Korea under the guidance of renowned Waacking artists such as Tyrone “The Bone” Procter, Waacking Princess Lockeroo, Waackeisha, and 1G. He co-founded the local Waacking crew “Waacking Ain’t Waack” with Virago Carmen to further develop this unique dance style.

Since 2007, Lamelon has since been continuously contributing to the education and promotion of Waacking development by teaching at local dance studios, schools, and community centers. In recent years, Lamelon has served as a judge for the Waacking style at significant events such as Hong Kong Street Dance Open. He has also promoted Waacking culture through performances in musicals and dramas.


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