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Milton Lopes is a professional dancer and choreographer from Portugal. He started dancing at the age of 16 and was a member of Befunky, Dance2XS and Streetdancers.

He has performed for Safri Duo and Velila, danced with Keri Hilson in “Pop Stars’, appeared in ‘Homies’ and Coca Cola Zero commercial and performed at MTV Europe Music Awards in Lisbon. Milton has also taught at Jazzy Academy and Next School of Dance in Portugal.

In 2009, he moved to Berlin, Germany and taught at D!S Dance School and Flying Steps Academy. Since then, he has travelled around the world working as an instructor and choreographer. Milton now lives in Hong Kong and specializes in Hip Hop, Jazz funk and vogueing.

來自葡萄牙的資深舞者及編舞Milton Lopes是近年亞洲 Heels及Vogue Dance界中其中一位最富有經驗的老師。16歲時開始習舞,同時為Befunky, Dance2XS及Streetdancers 三個舞蹈組合的成員之一。

Milton早在2005年已經開始他的國際跳舞生涯。他曾與不少國際巨星合作,包括Safri Duo and Velile,更為美國女歌手Keri Hilson於英國才藝節目《Pop Stars》任舞蹈員,也在Insane Clown Posse 《Homies》音樂錄像中亮相。此外,Milton亦有參與Coca Cola Zero廣告拍攝,並在里斯本舉行的《MTV 歐洲音樂大獎》演出。

他在2009年移居德國柏林,並執教於 D!SSchool及Flying Steps舞蹈學院。從此游走於世界各地任教及編舞。他現時定居香港,於 Studiodanz及 BPM Productions 發展其 Heels及Vogue Dance事業,擅長Hip Hop, Jazz funk及vogueing。


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