Dance Instructor



A Hip Hop aficionado from Taiwan, Kay’s love for street dance extends to popping dance, locking dance and house dance. He has developed his profession in dance for almost 20 years by dancing, teaching and performing. Kay is the co-founder of MAX, a leading Hip Hop dance crew in Taiwan with numerous awards to its name. He has worked with many Hong Kong’s and Taiwan’s top artists including Coco Lee, Ah Mei, Karen Mok, Miriam Yeung, Alex To and Leo Koo as a performer.

Since arriving in Hong Kong in 2003, Kay has become an established figure in the local dance scene, he has trained many Hong Kong Hip Hop dance crews and university dance teams. He has also been invited as judge in most major dance competitions and battles in Hong Kong and is also one of the guest instructors for The Showbiz Project.


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