Jethro started his Contemporary Dance career with Airdance in 2004, where he showcased his talent in various festivals, expos, and shows both locally in the Philippines and internationally. In recognition of his skills, he was awarded the DanceWeb European Scholarship in Vienna in 2006.

As his career progressed, Jethro became the Resident Dance Teacher and Choreographer at Airdance, while also undertaking artist residencies in Manila and China. In 2008, he moved to Hong Kong to join the Hong Kong Disneyland as a dancer.

In 2013, Jethro helped establishing DanceOutHK, a Contemporary Dance collective, where he has since contributed his creative works to festivals in Hong Kong and China. He continuously pushes the boundaries of dance, exploring its possibilities beyond traditional theater or studio settings. Jethro recently collaborated with Xavier Le Roy and Scarlet Yu for “Still in Hong Kong,” an artwork developed for the Trust & Confusion Exhibition at Tai Kwun.


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